Dermaplaning Facial

60 Min +

It is a safe, no downtime, painless procedure, and a highly effective exfoliation treatment to safely remove the top layer of your skin. A Dermaplaning Facial consists of using a scalpel to gently scrape off three weeks worth of dull dead skin cells instantly revealing smooth, clear skin. At the same time, it will remove Vellus hair a.k.a “peach fuzz” on the face. This treatment will also aid in greater product penetration of medical grade skincare products used during the procedure. You’ll experience radiant skin with even tone and texture, instantly revealing smooth and baby soft skin. Perfect to do before a makeup application. Further, the treatment will continue working over the next few weeks to accelerate cellular turnover. After a series of treatments, the treatment can smooth wrinkles, lighten dark spots, and reduce acne scarring.

** LED (Red) Light Therapy: A perfect anti-aging Add-On for a more beneficial and long term result: 

** Upgrade to: Dermaplane O₂ Detox Lift Facial.This triple beneficial treatment is designed to provide deeper clinical exfoliation combined with enzymatic gel peel and O₂ Lift, it promotes collagen growth, hydrates and nourishes the skin immediately making the face appear smoother and plumper.


This resurfacing treatment exfoliates dry, dull, dead skin. It will remove fine hair, improves makeup application and penetration of skincare products, revealing healthy, glowing skin. Results are immediate and long term. Works for most skin types.