About Us

MV Makeup and Skin Care is a full-service Skincare and Makeup Studio located in New York founded by Michelle Victoriano.

At MV Makeup and Skin Care, we believe in nurturing the skin to reveal its natural beauty and strength. Our mission is to transform skincare into a journey of healing, self-discovery, and healthy aging, focusing on achieving clear skin. Specializing in cutting-edge treatments for skin health, our studio offers advanced solutions for acne and supports the journey to maintain youthful, vibrant skin at any age. We emphasize the importance of the skin’s microbiome and a robust skin barrier in achieving a clear, radiant complexion that exudes confidence without the need for makeup. Our tailored regimens are designed to promote skin vitality and resilience, ensuring that each phase of life is met with grace and confidence.

Our approach is centered on pro-aging—embracing and enhancing the natural aging process with grace and vitality. Through luxurious in-spa treatments, clinically effective products, and tailored at-home routines, we empower individuals to maintain vibrant, healthy skin over a lifetime.

While we pivot towards a skincare-first philosophy, our makeup services continue to complement our mission. We see makeup as an art that enhances, not hides, allowing each individual to showcase their inherent beauty. We are dedicated to educating and inspiring, ensuring that each client leaves not just looking their best, but feeling profoundly understood and cared for.

At MV Makeup and Skin Care, you receive more than just a treatment; you gain an education and an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. We commit wholeheartedly to your skincare journey, inviting you to become part of our family. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional spas, we offer a personalized experience that truly connects with each client’s unique needs.

Join us in redefining beauty, where health meets grace, and every age is celebrated!