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Express Refresher Facial

40 Min.

A customized express refresher facial treatment targeted to an individual’s specific skin type, needs, and conditions. You’ll experience a thorough cleanse, skin analysis, exfoliation, a masque appropriate for your skin type, a relaxing massage of the face and décolletage to relieve stress and tension, and finally creams/moisturizers will be applied followed by a sunblock. Though this treatment helps unclog pores it is not recommended for people looking to get extractions, with deep congestions &/or acne problems. Purifying (Acne Fighting) Facial is best for this type of skin condition.


Immediately after a facial your skin radiates a healthy glow, within 48-72 hours skin is hydrated, 28-48 days a long term benefit of a facial kick in; cells regenerate. Reduce stress and relieves tension build up in the muscles. The massage relaxes the tight and drawn muscles releasing the wrinkles. It stimulates blood flow, the lymphatic vessel, and facilitates toxin elimination from the facial area. The quiet, relaxing environment and aromatherapy helps reduce anxiety levels and will leave you feeling uplifted after your visit.